BasecoSystem Push Pier / Helical Pier

Our piers are highly corrosion resistant and homeowners can expect them to have an average life-span in excess of 100 years in moderate soil.

The BasecoSystem Push Pier system is specifically designed to halt foundation settlement. Using this system, high-strength steel piers are placed no more than five feet apart along the perimeter of the foundation interior or exterior and driven deep until a stable soil strata is reached. An underpinning bracket is then positioned under the footing ensuring that the foundation will be fully stabilize

The BasecoSystem Helical Piers are a cost-effective product designed to stabilize your home’s foundation. These corrosion-resistant steel piers look like giant screws or augers and are hydraulically rotated deep into the earth. Once these piers reach bedrock or the engineer-specified torque, they are bracketed underneath your foundation.

This process is both quick and minimally intrusive. Since concrete is not used there is no curing time and no spoils to be disposed of. Additionally, since these piers are rotated into the ground there is no harsh pounding or vibration to disturb the environment or nearby structures.

If you are concerned about your home’s foundation, BasecoSystem Helical Piers may be the perfect solution for you. We offer our valued customers a free evaluation and customized solution.

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