Water is one of nature’s most valuable commodities but if it invades your home, it can quickly become a source of destruction and heartache. A dry basement is critical to your home’s comfort and stability. Many homeowners face costly repairs due to the devastation caused by high water tables or excessive rainfall forcing water into their basements or crawl spaces.

Sometimes all that is needed to waterproof a basement is to ensure that a home’s gutters and downspouts collect the rain and divert it at least ten feet from the foundation. Other more complicated solutions include installing AquaShield® formally know as a “French drain system”, exterior and interior moisture barriers, or a sump-pump system.

Our experienced technicians evaluate each home’s situation to create a specialized basement waterproofing solutions suited to your needs.

AquaShield® Drain System

The AquaShield® System give superior protection against basement water seepage in one easy installation. No trenching! No crushed rock! No pipes! No wraps needed! This perimeter drainage system can resolve foundation leak issues when water is coming up through the floor, over the top of your foundation, or if your foundation is made of semi-permeable material such as cinder blocks. AquaShield® can be used for a small leak area or the entire foundation perimeter and can be combined with the use of encapsulation membrane to direct water flowing down your foundation wall or a sump pump to direct the collected water.

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